About TMA

Thought Mastery Academy

Welcome to Thought Mastery Academy. We’re here to provide outstanding transformation programs and coaching services so you can live a lifestyle based on your passions and talents.

Your Coach

Hi, I’m Coach Ron. Coaching has been a passion of mine since 2001, when I first discovered that it was a profession. Since then, I have studied coaching techniques and personal development philosophies. I’ve also created many processes and systems that will help you transition into the next phase of your journey.


Here’s a quick run down of my skill sets and qualifications:

Certified Life Coach specializing in facilitating transformation and creating ideal lifestyles
Certified Thinking Instructor – School of Thinking
Bachelors of Business Science
Creator of Thought Mastery Coaching and the Immersion Coaching Process
Practitioner of Law of Creation philosophy
In addition to this, I have an extensive knowledge base and resources that you can tap into and use.

What you can Expect

People often ask what kinds of results can be obtained by going through a coaching program. Can it make me rich? Can it help me create a thriving business? Well, here’s the reality. I don’t teach people how to be rich or how to build a business. Rather, I teach people how to create specific results in any particular area they are interested in.

We live in a time where information is everywhere. There are tons of resources out there for how to generate a great income and how to create an amazing business. And, when it’s appropriate, I can share those resources with you. What we do in our coaching programs is help you define what you want and then create a plan for you to bring it into reality.

You see, gaining knowledge and taking specific action is your responsibility. A coach can’t do those things for you. You need the knowledge and the skill set. But, even more important, you need to experience the journey. The fun, the excitement and even the challenges — those are all there for you to experience, enjoy and learn from. It’s part of life.

So, what we do is teach you the mindsets and philosophies that help you reach those goals much easier and much faster than you otherwise would be able to do. Beyond that, we provide support, accountability, compassion, high energy, and much more.